Is WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used by users around the world for creating websites. Learn why it's great for SEO.

Is WordPress the Best Platform for SEO?

Our customers often ask us if WordPress is good for SEO. It's no coincidence that WordPress sites tend to rank well on Google. Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has never stopped growing. In fact, it now powers 34% of the web.

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) and is used by users around the world to create websites, from small business owners who want to expand their online presence to authorities in different niches. In fact, 42.2% of websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. Optimizing images can help speed up page load time, improve user experience, and offer additional positioning opportunities. A bad user experience can be anything from poor web design to poorly structured content and irrelevant images to plagiarism.

Google can understand how good the user experience of any website is based on metrics such as bounce rate, average time spent on a page, shopping cart abandonment, etc. It's important that you keep track of these metrics and you can do so by consulting your Google Analytics account. With a good user experience, you can keep your visitors on your site longer and more engaged with your content. For those who already use WordPress, site speed shouldn't be an issue. There are many fast loading themes to meet every need. You can also find plugins that were specifically created to improve the speed of the site.

To make sure everything works and loads smoothly, you can check the speed of your site in Google's PageSpeed Insights. The PageSpeed score includes reporting data on two essential speed metrics, DomContentLoaded (DCL) and First Contentful Paint (FCP), as well as data from Chrome's User Experience Report (CruX). These help evaluate page performance on both desktop and mobile devices, and offer suggestions on how to improve it. In short, WordPress is the perfect CMS for SEO and creating well-positioned websites. If your goal is to get to the front page of Google, the WordPress platform is your best option.

WordPress is flexible, easy to use and provides a good foundation for SEO. But it can only take you so far because it's just a CMS. If you're serious about ranking on Google, there are a few more things you should do. Before reviewing WordPress's control over on-page SEO factors, let's review some of the platform's SEO highlights (and negatives). Good article and WordPress is definitely the best platform for SEO because it is a very good content management system. Both Squarespace and WordPress are solid selections that will allow you to control most of the technical SEO factors that you can't set up on a new WordPress installation.

If there is one factor that affects SEO performance more than any other on a WordPress site, it is the choice of theme. And it's common knowledge that you need an SEO plugin (not necessarily YOAST) to optimize a WordPress site. WordPress works well with Google and other search engines, has many themes and plugins for advanced SEO optimization, is fast and mobile friendly, community friendly, safe and easy to learn. We have already talked about the simplicity of the WordPress editor; however, it also extends to the rest of WordPress. The article covered the best themes that help optimize the WordPress website from an SEO perspective. Now DevRix is a leading WordPress technical development agency with WordPress, SaaS and a wealth of experience in multisite networking and experienced collaborators on its team. With YOAST installed, you'll have full control over the SEO title and meta description of each post and page on your WordPress site.

You just need to install one of the many free SEO plugins that are available for WordPress and then add them. Using header tags correctly creates better quality web content and is also a simple way to improve WordPress SEO. Google likes it because it helps explain what information can be found in your publication. The WordPress security team does its best to stay up-to-date with things and if a vulnerability is detected they will send out a security update immediately (which WordPress will automatically apply). These plugins improve certain parts of the WordPress SEO puzzle to make the platform even more effective.

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